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Dr. Sid

In the intersection of groundbreaking brain science, health disparities, Alzheimer’s disease and transformative research, Dr. Sid O’Bryant delivers communities hope for the future.


Dr. Sid O'Bryant, affectionally known as "The Brain Care Doc."

At The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, he embodies a compelling vision: a world where everyone lives a brain-healthy life. His unwavering commitment to precision medicine in neurodegenerative diseases across diverse backgrounds, has earned him nationwide recognition.

Supported by a diverse 70-person, dedicated scientific team, Dr. O’Bryant has built an ultramodern brain imaging center, published hundreds of manuscripts on diseases of the brain, and created a fully automated biomarker core.

Dr. O’Bryant isn’t just a scientist; he’s also an inventor with five U.S. Patents. His inventions aim to push America’s abilities in detecting and treating neurological decline. His success is recognized in press outlets like:

highlighting his pivotal role in closing the health disparities gap.

With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Louisiana State University, a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University at Albany, Dr. O’Bryant’s brings a multifaceted expertise to his impactful work. Beyond his contributions to science, he is a bodybuilder, and a loving father.

In Dr. O’Bryant’s narrative, we witness not just a researcher but a visionary dedicated to transforming the landscape of neurodegenerative diseases. His journey is marked by precision, inclusivity, and an unyielding commitment to ensuring that no community is left behind in pursuing brain health.

Need The Brain Care Doc to help you and your family live a brain healthy life, reach out to Dr. Sid O’Bryant at